La-Bana-Ha since2014

La-Bana-Ha since2014

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Hand made jewelry designed by Creative Artist Junko Inspired by Nature, Junko Taguchi creates original and individually crafted stunning designs bringing out the beauty of nature in all its forms like the trees, rocks, plants and the landscapes etc., with beautiful metals combined with sparkles to create an everlasting beauty on the wearer.


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JUNKO.TAGUCHI/Designer of La-Bana-Ha

Designer Junko Welcome to the La Ba na Ha Moon Goodess handmade online jewelry shop.
I design jewelry not only to bring beauty to the wearer, but also to empower them through energy and also to create a sense of well being and peace.
I am available for consultation for crafting custom made jewelry

La Ba Na Ha Moon Goddess Handmade Jewelry
Address: 1, Aobodai, Meguro Ku, Tokyo – 153-0042
Jewelry – Custom designed, in house stock (ready made) and also repair

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